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Dead Blood is a zombie survival book series based in a fallen apart world. The books are current only an idea and Based around brothers Derek and Daniel Frost. This wiki is to put all of the ideas I have into one spot, like I said it is still just an idea but I don't plan on dropping it soon.This wiki is currently the only think with written, well typed, information on the planed Dead Blood book series. I am currently working on another book (my first one) and so far i have not been very serious about my first on even.I just hope that someone will come to this wiki and get hooked as i did with the Cresia wiki. Right now i am talking to myself like a crazy man (not that I'm not) hoping that someone will love me.

Collaborating Guidelines Edit

Oh yea … thats a thing. Hu well for now I will leave it open to you guys. I have the basis for some Characters, Locations, and Plot Points. I am always open to more of these(if I like them). I will sometimes take some contradictory stuff to what i have if I like it more. Completely cutting out one of these is obviously a no no.

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