Derek Frost
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Position New Hope Council
Age 27
Family Daniel Frost -Brother
Ivory Frost - Mother
Bob Frost -Father Deceased

Derek Frost is the primary protagonist of the Dead Blood book series.


He is the brother of Daniel Frost and the two of them were on an outback trip to Australia at the time of the outbreak. He Daniel, Chrisopher, Lilly, Caden, and Paul were the only characters on the trip to Australia to make it to a crusier to return to America. The group droped down in Los Angeles to find it is broken down.

Kill Victims Edit

The following is a list of characters Derek has killed.

Frost Family DerekDanielIvoryBob
Pantino Family CaesarChristopherMargretIsabella
Burnt Wood, Australia CadenPaulOmarLillySaulRockyJonas
Fort Oscnoch EbonyReginaldBrandonAlanSonjaBlair
Los Angeles, California RochelleSamanthaEthan


Saezel SeanDekeHayleyAshChase


Oversight MichaelSalekStevenKyleYogurIngridSkylarKevin


Alive characters appear in green. Dead characters appear in red. Unknown characters appear in blue. Undead characters appear in grey.Characters
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